Tax Relief and Tax Resolution Book

Do you want tax relief?

Would you like tax resolution by decreasing or completely eliminating IRS tax debt?

Would you like to prevent or know how to better deal with an IRS audit?

Do you want to have peace of mind … starting now?

The on-going economic recession, 2013 IRS Scandal, new Obamacare taxes and regulations, and confusion in the recent past has created financial disaster, increased bankruptcies, and heightened stress among taxpayers.

Individuals and businesses in every income bracket are overwhelmed with the constant changing tax codes and laws. The result: millions of Americans owe back taxes and face tax levies. Is the IRS at your door? Would you like help?

Tax Relief and Tax ResolutionTax expert and attorney Steven Melnik’s Tax Relief and Tax Resolution: The Ultimate Guide to Paying Less to the IRS Starting Now has the answers and solutions to tax debt, tax relief, and tax resolution. Within are both questions and solutions to a variety of problems that taxpayers face every day. Melnik reveals the latest strategies in negotiating with the IRS — shrewd and savvy techniques to keep you out of trouble and, if you are in it, how to get out of it. Starting now.

If you want in-depth emotional and financial relief from tax related issues, Tax Relief and Tax Resolution will ease your pain. You will avoid being fleeced by the IRS and learn how to deal with:

  • Face-to-Face and Field Audits — where, when and why
  • Offers in Compromise, Installment Agreements, Streamline Agreements, Not in Compliance — qualifying and negotiating
  • Penalties — avoiding and negotiating when assessed
  • Tax Planning and Strategies for Individuals and Businesses — including overlooked credits and deductions
  • Tax Forms — which ones to use and not to use
  • Tax Professionals — who they are and how to use them

Tax attorney Steven Melnik delivers practical guidance and advice that are shrewd, legal, and understandable. He also forewarns you of scandals and ploys to avoid.

Throughout, Melnik uses real life stories to illustrate key points, stories of clients that he and his associates have worked with for over 20 years. He reveals . . .

  • Common issues covered within an IRS audit and the mistakes to avoid
  • What happens if the IRS audits your business
  • When and how to report foreign assets
  • Effective tools to resolve the debt you owe
  • What to do if the IRS is threatening to shut down your business
  • What to do if you owe payroll taxes
  • How the National Standards are used to determine what you can expense when you create an Agreement with the IRS

Within Tax Relief and Tax Resolution: The Ultimate Guide to Paying Less to the IRS Starting NOW, Steven Melnik shares the good, bad, and ugly of tax resolution as well as the essential tips you need now to stay out of trouble.

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